Our services

Social Events

Whether you are planning a private dinner for 15 people on a yacht or for a five -star reception for more than 500 people, all you need to do is relax and dream of an unforgettable event. Leave everything to our staff, who will make your dreams a reality by giving attention to all the tiny details. We promise that your guests will have an unforgettable experience.


No matter how diverse, events organized by companies and organisations such as conferences or an annual dinner, a product launch, Imperial is always ready to meet your requirements. Our team will find out the nature of your organization, your objectives and requirements. Our goal is not only to provide solutions to preparation of banquets but also to make your guests happy. While we handle all the details related to your guests, you will have the time to welcome and take care of them.

Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding is a once-in-a-life time event. Don't worry, just leave it to us! Imperial will turn your dream of an unforgettable wedding ceremony into a reality. We will discuss with you all the thoughts that cross your mind and study together your budget to ensure organising a dinner event that would exceed your expectations and make your guests happy and satisfied.

Private Festivities

We, at Imperial, know very well that private occasions have a special character and because we respect the privacy of the occasion, we will work to create a fantastic ambience for birthday parties, Ramadan Iftar banquets, and private family parties by preparing occasion-inspired dishes that ensure you enjoy an intimate atmosphere.

Educational Institutions

With our passionate, highly qualified and experienced culinary team, we offer a menu of diverse healthy food and beverages that cater to nutritional needs of students. In delivering our service, we are guided by principles of ensuring children and students receive a balanced, healthy diet. We are also fully committed to supplying sustainable food to our schools and nurseries. We are passionate about ensuring we and our suppliers adhere to best practice in all links in the food chain. From sourcing to preparation to serving, we look for the best ingredients we can find to deliver a good value offering.

Industrial Facilities

We can secure meals for thousands of workers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all industrial and commercial facilities, factories and construction sites.

Healthcare Centres and Hospitals

We offer catering services for patients, staff and visitors in all hospitals. We are committed to the highest standards of food hygiene and respect special diets for patients of all nationalities and different religion.


We secure meals for workers in the oil industry, both working in the fields or beyond. We also provide house-cleaning and laundry services, security guarding services and entertainment.

Individual Meals

Individual meals are part of express services handled by the retail section at Imperial. We can secure these meals anywhere including universities, offices, hospitals and communities because we are committed to delivering exceptional service to our customers. We are keen that our services include all services related to food preparation.

Healthy Food

Whether you are looking for catering individuals, corporate or special events, or you want to have lunchboxes delivered daily so you eat healthier and improve productivity, Imperial catering has the solution, delivering fresh, tasty meals across Abu Dhabi.

Get the healthy choice and start to broaden your palate today as you learn that healthy equals tasty. Imperial catering will give you exquisite, healthy food, which you will relish.

Contractual Section

The contractual section at Imperial supports educational institutions, industries and companies alike by offering a variety of packages to suit their catering needs and requirements. We provide long-term contracts for hospitality catering services, employee meal programs and café management services. Leave it to our team to handle the day-to-day details while you get down to business.

Support Services

Apart from our catering services, we at Imperial provide a multitude of essential support services that add value to your business including camp management, guarding services, housekeeping and laundry services.